VPPPA’s 2024 Safety+ Symposium

Sunday, August 25 to Wednesday, August 28

The Safety+ Symposium is the only EHS&S event that provides the tools and resources you need to bring your safety and health programs beyond compliance to excellence. With attendees ranging from frontline workers to C-Suite executives, our community offers the unique opportunity to see safety from all angles and better understand its role in the modern workplace. Designed with continuous improvement at its core, the Safety+ Symposium enables workers from all industries, at all levels, to better themselves as well as their workplace.

Looking for More Information? Contact us at conference@vpppa.org or 703-761-1146.

The Justification Toolkit is a robust resource offering a range of tools and materials tailored to simplify the process of justifying your attendance at the Safety+ Symposium to decision-makers in your organization. It is designed to effectively communicate the return on investment, emphasize professional development prospects, and underscore networking advantages. With this toolkit, you’ll have the necessary persuasive materials at your disposal to secure approval for attending Safety+ and actively contribute to the success of your organization’s safety initiatives.